Avalon 2023 Innovation PitchFest

Innovation Pitchfest 2023 was held on 1 March as part of the 2023 Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition the largest defence industry event ever held in Australia. It was organised by the Defence Science Institute in partnership with AMDA Foundation limited, the Defence Science CentreDefence Innovation PartnershipDefence Innovation Network, and Queensland Defence Alliance

20 ‘pitchers’ delivered presentation covered a diverse range of Australian innovations and technologies from training systems and virtual reality to satellite control, laser systems and software solutions to fleet management.

Below was the list of Avalon 2023 Pitchers
SalFirst NameLast NameCompanyTopic
Mr.DarrenRolesAscent Professional ServicesCorroVision ‐ Using AI and ML to optimise the spend on corrosion management for aviation platform
Ms.AnnetteMcClellandtekumaFly drones & control peripherals with one‐hand
Mr.NeilMahoneyGEV SystemsWing Ray autonomous ground effect vehicle
Mr.HenryBilinskyMicroTauWhen Sharks Fly: Enhanced Mission Capability and Biomimetic Drag Reduction
Mr.DanielFieldStratoshipBringing the Stratosphere within Reach
Mr.PeterAxiotisSiNABPhoenix Pod: Modular Targeting, ISR and Communications for Aircraft
Mr.MirceaPetreOptoTechDirected High‐Energy Beam Laser System
Mr.ClemNewton‐BrownSkyportzVertiports ‐ the missing piece fo the puzzle for Advanced Air Mobility
Dr.ArturLugmayrUXMachinesAEROphoria ‐ Autonomous Aerial Drone Mission Planning and Analytics Software
Ms.AnneBettensDeneb SpaceSpace Mobility
Ms.RachaelBarrittDovetail Electric AviationDovetail Electric Aviation
Dr.NigelGreenwoodTurbine Machine GenesReconstructing evolutionary digital twins of engines and missiles from small data sets
Mr.PeteWoodwardSoftWire SystemsMaking Vibration Profile Creation Simpler with Aquila
Mr.LarsOlesonXailientTiny Edge AI Computer Vision ‐ the solution for significantly constrained environments
Dr.PeteWhittleAirKonect OperationsSoftware for managing small aviation fleets
Mrs.BernadetteGrantAdvanced Composite Structures AustraliaManufacturing the future of Australian Hypersonic Vehicle Componentry!
Dr.RichardParsonsKite MagneticsLighter and more efficient electric motors for the next generation of sustainable aviation
Mr.BenjaminKrynskiReal ResponseBlueRoom Mixed Reality Simulator
Mr.MikeCruseDefinium TechnologiesSovereign Capability for Electronic Solutions Design and Manufacture
Dr.GursharanChanaMX3 DiagnosticsOptimised Hydration Monitoring for Air Force Personnel Using the MX3 Lab
Mr.DavidWaterhouseHypersonixFly Faster

Congratulations to the winners of Innovation Pitchfest 2023:

  • Best Innovation – Dr Nigel Greenwood, TheMachineGenes Group for how their lightweight Artificial Intelligence platform is quick to train and can be used to determine engine performance characteristics on very little flight time.
  • Best Aerospace Innovation – Mr Henry Bilinsky, MicroTau for its shark-skin style riblet sheeting for aircraft wings to reduce drag and enhance the ability for the aviation industry reduce its carbon footprint.
  • Best Pitch – Ms Anne Bettens, Deneb Space for a satellite control system based on reaction motors that is miniaturised, more power efficient and incorporates sensors that allows it to be used for satellite navigation as well as satellite orientation.

A seven-strong judging panel was made up of South Australian venture capitalist Geoff Thomas, Victorian Defence Advocate John O’Callaghan, Anthony Lazzoppina from Bondi Partners, Hidetaka Aoki from Space Port Japan and also a member of committee on National Space Policy, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, Dr Mel Laws from DST Group, Group Captain Michael Burgess-Orton, Director – Jericho Disruptive Innovation Royal Australian Air Force and Dr George Feast from CSIRO.

Thank you to all the participants and the panel of judges who involved in this highly worthwhile initiative.

The Panel of Judges for Avalon Pitchfest 2023