Land Forces 2024 Innovation PitchFest


Cutting-edge Australian companies and research centres participating at Land Forces 2022 are invited to pitch their innovative ideas and technologies to the Australian and international community at the LF2022 Innovation PitchFest.   This is a good chance to present their new products and R&D projects to an audience of potential customers, research partners and investors.

Organized by the Defence Science Institute (DSI) in partnership with AMDA limited, the Defence Innovation Partnership (DIP) in SA, Defence Innovation Network (DIN) in NSW, Defence Science Centre (DSC) in WA, and Queensland Defence Alliance (QDSA), PitchFest will take place on Thursday 6 October as part of the Exposition’s innovation program.

This event will consist of three-minute pitches aimed at demonstrating Australian innovation, research collaboration and the development strengths of the pitcher’s idea or research project.  Three-minute pitches will demonstrate:

  • Uniqueness and novelty (ie your innovation).
  • Application or end goal of the innovation.
  • Where future collaboration may be of benefit (and with whom).

Pitches should not be simply a sales pitch and should be able to engage a general audience in a tight three-minute timeframe. PitchFest is a supportive, professional environment and the pitchers’ work should be presented openly with due consideration to protecting their IP. These pitch sessions are an opportunity to showcase an innovative idea/technology application/product in the early stage of its development (pre-commercialisation).  Pitchers are encouraged to take advantage of the fast-paced atmosphere of PitchFest, hook and engage the audience with their presentation. Presentations will be judged by an expert panel with the top three recognised with a custom trophy.   Participants will be offered training in the art of the Three Minute Pitch. This training is provided free of charge (excluding travel), with the location to be determined, may be held fully on-line or in a mixed environment.

Present at PitchFest will be the Australian Army’s Future Warfare Branch who are particularly looking for pitches that address the challenges below.  Ideas which speak to these topics will be given priority:

  1. Current events are highlighting that the proliferation of multispectral sensing means that the battlespace of the future will be highly populated with sensing, making it increasingly hard to remain undetected. How does the Army of the future avoid detection across the full range of detection means.
  2. Information and Influence. The Army has a particular interest in being able to disseminate information to a diverse and disparate set of audiences in support of ADF operations – our region is home to a broad range of cultural groups, separated by mountains, vegetation, water and technological divides. How can 21st Century technology and innovation be employed to increase the efficiency and efficacy of information dissemination?
  3. Deployable Biometrics. The explosion of bio measuring devices presents both and opportunity and risk. How does Army leverage this opportunity and guard against the risks in the battlefield of the future?
Congratulations to the following entrants who were selected to pitch:
Vault CloudMr. Carl JacksonThe SECRET Cloud Revolution for WarfightersAustralian Capital Territory
HirocoDr. Colm FlanaganMARTAS – Optimally allocating resources to tasks in large multi-agent systemsNew South Wales
MetakosmosMr. Kiriti RambhatlaUnified biometrics interface for human performance in extreme conditions (land, water & space)New South Wales
Real ResponseMr. Benjamin KrynskiVirtual Tactical Combat Care (vTC3 TM) and the Power of BiometricsNew South Wales
Virtually ThereMr. Sean CunialImmersive training and evaluation systems to accelerate the entry into service of STEM professionalsNew South Wales
EPEMr. Ben SorensenPersistent CBRNE Threat Sensing, Identification, Localisation and MappingQueensland
Simulation Training GroupMr. Daryl BatchelorImproving the way militaries train at scale – soldier training with mobile appsQueensland
SoftIronMr. Jason Van der SchyffAustralian Sovereign Tactical Edge Cloud (ASTEC) – Connecting the battle-space to the home-frontQueensland
Virtual PsychologistMrs. Dervla LoughnaneWearable Tech for high performanceQueensland
ZekiTekMr. Rikesh RamRemote Autonomous Surveillance System Powered by RenewablesQueensland
Team3Mr. Andrew SavchenkoDISA: Data Intelligence, Search & AnalysisSouth Australia
Biosafe Innovations & Additive EngineeringMr. Richard Jeffery3D Printing with antimicrobial plastics and coatings for metalsVictoria
Federation UniversityDr. Gayan Kahandawa AppuhamillageProtecting Soldiers with wheeled robots with maximum traction, perception and intelligenceVictoria
Kite MagneticsDr. Richard ParsonsNext Generation Electric Aircraft Propulsion by Kite MagneticsVictoria
Lachin PoppinsMr. Lachlan PoppinsCheat-sheets and Swiss Army Knives Creating multi-use equipment for tomorrows ADFVictoria
OptoTechMr. Mircea PetreHigh Power CW and Pulsed Infrared LaserVictoria
Dome ShelterMr. Paul ByrneImproving Force Protection with Quickly Deployable DomeSheltersWestern Australia
OnetideMr. Roy MitchellMission Cloak™    IR/EM/RF Vehicle, Infrastructure and Personnel CloakingWestern Australia
University of Western Australia (UWA)Mr. Christopher JamesKeeping our warfighters fit – a test for hidden muscle damageWestern Australia

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