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Australian Army Research Centre – Army Research Scheme

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Australian Army Research Centre – Army Research Scheme


The Australian Army Research Centre is seeking Expressions of Interest for the 2023 Army Research Scheme.

Up to $80,000 is available to undertake research addressing one of ten research questions, offering original content and/or practical recommendations.

At the end of the project, researchers will be required to produce a

  •  15,000 – 20,000 word Occasional Paper
  • 4,000 – 6,000 word article for publication in the Australian Army Journal
  • 800 – 1,200 word blog post for the Land Power Forum

Publication will be facilitated by the Army Research Centre and other publication options will be considered.

Expressions of Interest are due 2:00pm 8 August via AusTender, reference: ARS2023

Research Questions

  1. What considerations must the Australian Army consider in the event of rapid mobilisation and expansion, including the role of the Reserve workforce and Army’s intersection with industry?
  2. How can land forces, as part of the Integrated Force, be best employed for littoral operations in the Indo-Pacific?
  3. What opportunities and liabilities might a structured train, advise and assist capability bring for the generation and sustainment of land power?
  4. What risks do advances in global alternative power and energy solutions pose for Defence?
  5. What are the most promising applications of Quantum Technologies in the field of Quantum Sensing, computing and communications?
  6. How can Army (and the ADF) scale the adoption of remote and autonomous systems (RAS)? What challenges might there be to implementation and how could they be overcome?
  7. How can the joint land force contribute to operations less than war in an age of constant competition?
  8. What opportunities exist for the utilisation of land power within the ‘National Defence’ concept as espoused by the 2023 Defence Strategic Review?
  9. What are the logistics and/or workforce ramifications to Army of increased operations across an enhanced network of northern Australian bases?
  10. Discuss the implications on the combined arms fighting system with renewed emphasis on long-range fires.

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