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DARPA – Discovering Unknome Function (DUF) – DARPA-EA-24-01-02

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DARPA – Discovering Unknome Function (DUF) – DARPA-EA-24-01-02


DARPA Defense Sciences Office is seeking abstracts for innovative ideas exploring the question of “can high-throughput workflows be developed to annotate the unknown function of (non)coding genes?”.

Up to USD$300,000 is available for projects of up to 12 months duration.

DUF performers will develop reproducible high-throughput gene function discovery workflows using recent technological advances, such as automated cultivation techniques, microfluidics, single-cell multi-omics, bioinformatics, cloud computing, whole-cell modeling, AI, machine learning, and computational microscopy.

Key technical challenges to be addressed by  include high-throughput:

  • Generation of high-quality datasets to hypothesize gene function.
  • Experimental validation of hypothesized gene function.

Abstracts will accepted and assessed on a rolling basis until 5 April 2024.

This is an Advanced Research Concept (ARC) Opportunity under the master Exploration Announcement DARPA-EA-24-01.


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ARC Opportunity – DUF: DARPA-EA-24-01-02

ARC Exploration Announcement: DARPA-EA-24-01



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