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DARPA – Switch – DARPA-PS-24-16

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DARPA – Switch – DARPA-PS-24-16


DARPA is seeking abstracts for innovative proposals to develop biomanufacturing platforms for run-time reprogramming of chemical synthesis operations, which will enable new concepts of operations that provide novel capabilities for national security.

Switch is focused on bringing programmability and long-term stability to biomanufacturing processes, with the goal of developing a run-time reprogrammable biomanufacturing platform that affords flexible biosynthesis processes, which can toggle between ingest of various organic feedstocks or production of various chemicals, thereby enabling robust, rapidly repurposable manufacturing.

Up to USD$300,000 is available for Phase 0 (6 months).   DARPA anticipates multiple awards for Phase 1 (30 months) of approximately $8M per award.

Abstracts are due 31 July 2024.


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Program Solicitation – Switch: DARPA-PS-24-16


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