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DARPA – Synthetic Quantum Nanostructures (SynQuaNon) – BAA HR001123S0050

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DARPA – Synthetic Quantum Nanostructures (SynQuaNon) – BAA HR001123S0050


DARPA’s Defense Sciences Office is seeking innovative research proposals in the area of synthetic quantum materials that enable enhanced functionalities or novel capabilities for quantum information science (QIS). In particular, the SynQuaNon program aims to develop and benchmark novel routes to enhanced superconducting (SC) nanoelectronic devices based on electronic metamaterials.

SynQuaNon  aims to re-imagine the development of novel quantum electronic materials from a device-oriented perspective. Successful teams in this program will demonstrate
the functional engineering of synthetic electronic materials that can enable enhanced or novel capabilities in QIS. In contrast to prior materials-focused approaches, these teams will validate and benchmark their proposed materials via the characterization of proof-of-concept quantum circuits or nanoelectronic device architectures that incorporate these proposed materials. This experimental program is anticipated to leverage simultaneous theoretical, modeling, and computational efforts in an accompanying funding opportunity investigating similar topics.

SynQuaNon is a 48 month program with 2 phases of 24 months each:

Phase 1: validation of the SynQuaNon concept by demonstrating functional engineering of device-relevant electronic metamaterials

Phase 2:  build upon Phase I efforts to transition from the demonstration of microscopic material tunability and enhancement to mesoscopic device-scale tunability and  performance enhancements


Full proposals are due 10 October 2023.


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Broad Agency Announcement – SynQuaNon: HR001123S0050

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