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IARPA & US Army DEVCOM – Entangled Logical Qubits (ELQ) BAA – W911NF-23-S-0004

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IARPA & US Army DEVCOM – Entangled Logical Qubits (ELQ) BAA – W911NF-23-S-0004


Entangled Logical Qubits (ELQ) is a four-year foundational research program directed at generating high-fidelity entanglement between two error-corrected logical quibits in a fully fault-tolerant manner, and utilizing it to achieve logical state teleportation with high success. These accomplishments will lay the cornerstone for realizing the full potential of quantum computing and make a profound advance on the path to universal, fault-tolerant quantum computing. Broadly, ELQ seeks to develop and demonstrate schemes that preserve fault-tolerant properties throughout an operational sequence that incorporates logical qubit entanglement. Importantly, the schemes must also exhibit modularity, where the entangled ensemble is built from, and separable into, decoupled, independently-operable logical qubits residing on the same physical platform.
ELQ requires that the logical encoding protocol allows for fault-tolerant quantum error correction of an arbitrary single-Pauli error, and that fault-tolerance is preserved throughout the logical entanglement protocol. ELQ Performers are also expected to advance the frontiers of quantum benchmarks and push the limits of simulations of quantum systems by developing advanced, efficient tools and methods. These ambitious technical and theoretical objectives must then manifest through hardware demonstrations.
The ELQ program has three research thrusts:
  • Hardware – includes all hardware components and operational requirements need to achieve ELQ goals through the proposed experiments
  • Architecture – focuses on fault-tolerance error correction protocols and design of the logical entangling operation in a resource-efficient modular scheme
  • Benchmarking – focuses on challenges of assessing performance of a quantum system up to the scale of the full proposed system
The program is divided into four (4) phases of 12 months each. Proposals covering all four Phases are being solicited under this BAA; proposals covering fewer may not receive full consideration.
– Proposals due 21 March 2023

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