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US Dept of the Air Force – Hack-A-Sat 4

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US Dept of the Air Force – Hack-A-Sat 4


Presented by the US Dept of the Air Force, Hack-A-Sat is a capture the flag challenge open to all cybersecurity researchers who want to up their skills and knowledge of space cybersecurity.
Entry is open to individuals and teams – each entrant MUST include at least 1 US citizen or permanent resident.
The qualification event will be on-line with the final being held in person at DEFCON 31 in Los Angeles, 11-13 August 2023.  Cash prizes are on offer for both the qualification and final events.
Hack-A-Sat 4 is the world’s first CTF competition IN SPACE. Five Finalist Teams will compete on Moonlighter, an on-orbit satellite. Moonlighter is the world’s first and only hacking sandbox in space, designed specifically to advance the cyber security community and secure space for us all.
Register now for qualifying rounds 1 – 2 April

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