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UK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

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UK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowships


    • up to £200,000 over 2 years
      • early career researchers with up to 5 years experience
      • must address one of the nominated research topics:
    • The psychology of intuition the implications of creativity and cognitive bias for the security community
    • Protect individuals and our workspaces from acoustic compromise, through the identification of threats and countermeasures
    • Practical applications for private information retrieval with big data
    • Secure hardware assurance through modelling and machine learning
    • To what extent can the RF signature of a city be detected and modelled?
    • Flapping wing Micro Aerial Vehicles (MAVs) for remote sensing
    • Sensor counter-deception
    • Methods for high-throughput energetic characterisation
    • Towards Antifragility
    • Finding agency in sensory data
    • Innovative antennas for space platforms
    • People counting in secure environments
    • Protocol-agnostic device identification and authentication in smart cities
    • Development of techniques to assess data aggregation
    • Review of advanced sensor technologies
    • Enhance Raman microscopy identification of biological and chemical materials on solid samples
    • Non-canonical protein translation and expression processes, synthetic biology and biosecurity
    • Modelling of chemical plumes in urban environments
    • Effect of aerosol particle morphology on reaction dynamics
    • Emerging application for superconducting electronics
    • Enabling components of human augmentation
 – Applications close 25 April 2023

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