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US Army – xTechInternational 2024

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US Army – xTechInternational 2024


Applications are now open for non-US SMEs (<1,500 staff) and academic and research institutions to participate in xTechInternational 2024.

White papers are due 7 March 2024.

With a USD$500,000 prize pool, xTechInternational provides an opportunity to engage with US Defense while pitching novel technology solutions and competing for the opportunity to participate in an accelerator program.

xTechInternational is seeking novel capabilities and technology solutions within AI for Intelligence and Decision-Making Applications, Quantum Sensing and Indigenous Materials Forward that can assist in tackling the Army’s current and future needs, enabling new capabilities, improved performance, faster production, or cost savings for Army systems:

AI for Intelligence and Decision-Making Applications – AI technologies that augment the intelligence and decision-making capabilities of military systems while protecting key strategic and operational data.  eg swarm algorithms; autonomous systems; unmanned aerial systems (UAS); counter-unmanned aerial systems (c-UAS); data curation.

Quantum Sensing and Materials  – technologies to accelerate research, development and adoption of quantum capabilities.  eg novel sensor applications; signal processing algorithms and error correction methods; position, navigation and timing systems; size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-cC) optimisation; enhanced efficacy via eg electric, magnetic or radiological shielding; subcomponent design eg cooling, vacuum system or on-chip optics; manufacturing; application of AI/ML techniques.

Indigenous Materials Forward – unique technologies and methods to integrate indigenous materials and systems to support supply-chain resiliency for sustainment. eg novel technologies for food manufacturing; low-logistics indigenous materials utilisation; novel methods to reduce life-cycle burden of locally generated waste; portable systems for in-theatre additive manufacturing.


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Request for Information:  2024-xTechInternational-RFI_Final


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