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US Dept of Defense – Epilepsy Research Program

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US Dept of Defense – Epilepsy Research Program


Idea Development Award HT9425-23-ERP-IDA
  • Level 1 – up to USD$450,000 over 3 years
  • Level 2 – up to USD$650,000 over 3 years
  • Level 1 – for ECRs within 3 years of first independent faculty position, mentor required as part of application
  • Level 2 – study teams are expected to demonstrate experience in both traumatic brain injury and epilepsy
  • supports novel, innovative research with potential to increase understanding of post-traumatic epilepsy to improve quality of life.
  • The work should innovatively challenge existing research paradigms or exhibit high levels of creativity
  • Preliminary data not required, however, evidence demonstrating the research team’s ability to execute the chosen model of TBI and record subsequent seizure is required, if applicable.
  • Clinical trials are not permitted
Research Partnership Award HT9425-23-ERP-RPA
  • up to USD$1.2M over 3 years
  • supports new or existing collaborative research partnerships between/among investigators to address a research problem or question in a manner that would be unachievable through separate efforts.
  • investigators will utilize their distinct but complementary perspectives to synergistically address a central problem or question critical to post-traumatic epilepsy (PTE) research and those living with PTE, their families, and/or their care partners.
  • projects where a partner merely supplies tissue or access to patients will not be funded
  • Clinical trials are not permitted
Virtual Post-Traumatic Epilepsy Research Centre AwardHT9425-23-ERP-VirtualP-TERC-F
  • up to USD$525,000 over 3 years
  • ECRs and investigators new to the PTE field
  • to support new members to the ERP VirtualP-TERC, a unique, interactive virtual research center providing intensive mentoring, national networking, collaborations, and a peer group for new PTE investigators
  • Support for research projects with an emphasis on discovery that investigate questions across the PTE research spectrum (biology/etiology, prevention, diagnosis/ detection, prognosis, treatment, and quality of life).
  • Career Guide required as part of application
  • Preliminary data not required
Leveraging Research AwardHT9425-23-ERP-LRA
  • up to USD$250,000 over 3 years
  • support research that leverages ongoing or completed research studies for which PTE was not an original focus and to provide support to expand the research to develop such a focus and increase our understanding of PTE.
  • may include basic, translational and/or clinical research studies
  • clinical trials are not permitted
  • proposed study must be associated with an ongoing or completed research effort in which PTE is/was not an existing research priority and for which addition of cohorts, outcomes, assessments, or analysis specific to PTE would be scientifically justified increase our understanding of PTE.
 – Letters of Intent due 19 May 2023
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