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US Dept of Defense – Hearing Restoration Research Program

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US Dept of Defense – Hearing Restoration Research Program


Focused Research Program – HT942524HRRPFRA 

  • Funding Level 1
    • up to USD$250,000 over 2 years
    • exploratory, high-risk/high-reward research in the earliest stages of idea development
  • Funding Level 2
    • up to USD$750,000 over 3 years
    • advancement of more mature research toward clinical translation
  • Funding Level 3
    • up to USD$1M over 3 years
    • research with a translational research component and a related pilot clinical trial component
  • letters of intent due 22 July 2024
  • must address one or more focus areas:
    • Improve and accelerate the translation of biological regeneration/repair mechanisms into clinical applications. Research addressing the damage, repair, and regeneration of the auditory system after military-relevant injuries is strongly encouraged.
    • Develop diagnostic tests that differentiate sensory, neural, synaptic, and central processing disorders, that may inform applicability and outcomes for current or future hearing restoration therapeutics.
    • Develop reliable in-vitro human models to facilitate the understanding, derivation, and characterization of human auditory cells, and/or to facilitate the evaluation of hearing restoration therapies.
  • Tinnitus or vestibular-related research is excluded.
  • Document – Funding Opportunity: HT942524HRRPFRA_GG

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