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US Dept of Defense – Prostate Cancer Research Program

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US Dept of Defense – Prostate Cancer Research Program


Early Investigator Research Award  HT9425-PCRP-EIRA

  • up to USD$300,000 over 2 years
  • letters of intent due 3 August 2023
  • 3 years or less postdoc research experience at 31 March 2024
  • Supports research opportunities focused on prostate cancer for individuals in the early stages of their careers.
  • applicants must have a designated mentor who is an experienced prostate cancer researcher.
  • clinical trials not allowed

Exploration – Hypothesis Development Award HT9425-PCRP-EHDA

  • up to USD$100,000 over 2 years
  • letters of intent due 22 June 2023
  • Supports the exploration of highly innovative, untested, potentially groundbreaking concepts in prostate cancer.
  • Emphasis is on innovation; the potential impact may be difficult to predict.
  • Presentation of preliminary data is strongly discouraged.
  • clinical trials not allowed


Idea Development Award HT9425-PCRP-IDA

  • up to USD$900,000 over 3 years
  • letters of intent due 29 June 2023
  • Supports new ideas that represent innovative, highrisk/high-gain approaches to prostate cancer research and have the potential to make an important contribution to one or more of the PCRP Overarching Challenges.
  • emphasis on innovation and impact
  • multi-disciplinary projects encouraged
  • established and new investigator streams
  • preliminary data encouraged but not required
  • clinical trials not allowed


2023 PCRP Overarching Challenges

  • Improve quality of life to enhance outcomes and overall health and wellness for those impacted by prostate cancer
  • Develop new treatments or improve upon existing therapies to improve outcomes for men with lethal prostate cancer
  • Advance health equity and reduce disparities in prostate cancer
  • Define the biology of prostate cancer progression to lethal prostate cancer to reduce death


Supporting documents for download

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