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US Dept of Defense – Trauma Immunology Research Award

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US Dept of Defense – Trauma Immunology Research Award


  • up to USD$2M over 3 years
  • pre-applications due 15 August 2023
  • projects are sought which address unsolved traumatic injury-associated immunology questions to include mechanisms and early-stage development of potential therapeutics
  • must address at least one focus area
  • clinical trials are not allowed
  • clinical research conducted with prospectively enrolled human subjects is not allowed
  • this award mechanism comes under the Combat Casualty Care research Program

Focus Areas

  • Studies seeking to understand the initial inflammation and immune response profile to severe polytrauma that involves multiple organs at the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ level.
  • Studies seeking to understand the post traumatic local and systemic immune responses and pathophysiological mechanisms. Of particular interest are studies that seek to understand how the immune response leads to secondary organ damage.
  • Early-stage development of potential novel products and knowledge for treating severe polytrauma and associated deleterious immune responses.
  • Development and optimization of animal models that mimic the human trauma immunologic response, to improve the understanding of the human immune response and functions during and post severe polytrauma.

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Funding Opportunity – HT9425-23-DMRDP-TIRA

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