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2023-24 NASA Software Catalog Released

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2023-24 NASA Software Catalog Released


Each year, NASA makes many of the software packages it has developed to manage space missions, test spacecraft and analyse satellite data, available for free.

The current catalogue contains more than 1,000 programs, grouped across 15 categories:

  • aeronautics
  • autonomous systems
  • business systems and project management
  • crew and life support
  • data and image processing
  • data servers processing and handling
  • design and integration tools
  • electronics and electrical power
  • environmental science
  • materials and processes
  • operations
  • propulsion
  • structures and mechanisms
  • system testing
  • vehicle management

While the majority of software is open source or general public release, access to some software is restricted for use by US citizens or for US Government purposes only (ie you must have a US Government contract for which it will be used).

The NASA Remote Sensing Toolkit can help users find satellite data relevant to needs.

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Access the software catalogue here.

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