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DAIRNet Online Student Survey -AI

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DAIRNet Online Student Survey -AI


DAIRNet and UniSA are trying to understand how Australian industries adapt to recruiting and retaining AI talent and how is Australian tertiary education system keeping pace with the current demand for AI labour, what are the potential barriers for AI-talents to enter the industry as well as what challenges industries do face in recruiting these talents, which is an important part of the ecosystem, especially for Defence.

This research is funded by Defence Artificial Intelligence Research Network and multiple collaborators from defence domains across Australia including researchers from different Universities. The research got ethics approval (low risk category) from UniSA Business. This survey aims to collect a nationally representative sample of University students in AI. To participate in the survey, students must reside in Australia and be 18 years or older. It is not necessary for the students to be a permanent resident or an Australian citizen. Students are also eligible to participate if they are a second year (or above) university student and/or currently working in any industry where their job is related to AI.

This survey is also mobile friendly.

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