EOIs now open for Innovation PitchFest

EOIs now open for Innovation PitchFest

Do you have a bright idea for the defence and security sector, with strength in the Land Domain? Register now for a chance to pitch your next big thing at the Land Forces 2021 Innovation PitchFest. 

About Innovation PitchFest 

Innovation PitchFest is a dynamic and stimulating event where selected participants have the chance to present their latest science and technology ideas to Defence in the form of short 3-minute pitchThe event brings together DSTG, industry and academia and is an opportunity to learn from rising talents in Australia’s research and development sector.  

2021 PitchFest Goes Virtual 
This year, to accommodate the current COVID-19 safety measures, Innovation PitchFest will look a little different. Successful applicants, in lieu of live presentations, will deliver their pitches prior to the event via Zoom. Pitches will be recorded and stitched together to produce a virtual form of the typical PitchFest. The compilation of 3-minute pitches will be played throughout the day at Land Forces, streamed via the official Land Forces website as well as that of numerous other organisations we are in discussions with.  

Critically, the recorded pitches will be presented to our judging panel who will determine the winning presentations to be awarded in the following categories: 

  • Best Overall Pitch 
  • Best Overall Innovation 
  • Best Land Domain Innovation 

Winners will be announced before Land Forces 2021 and trophies presented as part of the event’s Innovation and Technology for the Future Force Conference (Thursday 3rd June). 

The Pitch 

To ensure you are able to take full advantage of the virtual format, selected applicants will receive professional pitch training (free of charge), which will take place online in half-day group session in early May. Shorter one-on-one sessions will be available with the trainer to provide feedback on your presentation before the recording session in mid-May. 

Selected applicants will be allocated individual time slots for the presentation of their pitches via Zoom, which will be recordedZoom invitation links will be provided to each presenter closer to the day of recording. To maintain consistency with the traditional PitchFest event, presentations will be constrained to 3 minutes maximum and can be supported by a single static Power Point slide (i.e. no animation, video or audio content in the slide). The message and impact are to be delivered by your verbal presentation. 
For further questions about the event, write to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  

Your Involvement 
Interested to pitchIndustry, academia and members of Defence that would like to submit a pitch are invited to send in expressions of interest (EOI) outlining the details of their ideas via the online application form (click below). 

Last date for submission of EOIs is 6 May 2021  



Last date for submission of EOIs Thursday, 6 May 2021 
Online Pitch Training Workshop (via Zoom) Tuesday, 11 May (9.30am - 12.30pm AEST)
Online Pitch Delivery and Recording Session Tuesday, 18 May (9.30am onwards) 
Announcement of Winners Monday, 24 May 
Land Forces 2021 Innovation PitchFest 1 – 3 June 
Award Presentation Thursday, 3 June 



 Congratulations to the following entrants who have been selected to pitch:

Team Location
Biosafe Innovations Pty Ltd QLD/VIC
Chironix WA
Cura VIC
Curtin University WA
Deakin University VIC
ESM Global Pty Ltd ACT
Federation University VIC
GeoNadir QLD
Kompozition ACT
La Trobe University VIC
Monash University VIC
Murray Consulting Solutions NSW
Readiness.io QLD
Safiery QLD
SonicSkunkworks VIC
Tekuma SA
The University of Melbourne Australia VIC
Titomic Limited VIC
UNSW-Canberra/RMIT University NSW/VIC
VetChip WA
Western Sydney University NSW



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