State Government Supports DSI to Continue as Key Player in Victoria’s Defence Capability Pursuits

State Government Supports DSI to Continue as Key Player in Victoria’s Defence Capability Pursuits

Date: 14/12/2020                                                                                                                       


State Government Supports DSI to Continue as Key Player in Victoria’s Defence Capability Pursuits
The State Government Budget extends ongoing support to DSI, recognising the organisation’s efforts to foster research collaborations across Australia’s dynamic defence market

Melbourne, VIC: Defence Science Institute (DSI), the Victorian arm of the Australian Defence Science and University Network, has secured ongoing support through the 2020-21 Victorian State Budget to continue fostering collaborative research in support of Australia’s sovereign capability development. As a research funding and facilitation organisation, DSI supports the advancement of innovative and next-generation technology within the defence industry, creating long-term defence research opportunities in the state. 

On the continuing support that DSI has received from the Victorian State Government, Adrian Pearce, DSI Director said, “Inclusion in the 2020-21 Victorian State Budget, as part of the Victorian Government’s Defence Capture Plan, will allow us to expand our intended objectives for DSI’s next phase and pursue greater opportunities for stakeholders.”

As the entry point to Victoria’s dynamic defence science community DSI provides advice, support to access research partners and a range of grants, including:

  • Research Collaboration Grants - to encourage research collaboration between Victorian universities and local industry
  • RHD Student Grants - to encourage collaboration between industry, DST Group, Defence or universities to develop the next generation of researchers
  • Internship Grants – to encourage industry collaboration with Victorian postgraduate and undergraduate students

John O’Callaghan, Victorian defence industry advocate and DSI Chair highlighted the organisation’s strides to strengthen research innovation and collaboration with Defence and industry. In a recent Defence Connect article outlining the state’s contribution towards creating defence opportunities within Australia, he said, “Victoria’s Defence Science Institute (DSI), in close partnership with the Defence Science and Technology Group, will continue to link defence industry companies with state, national and international universities as well as DMTC.”

With this renewed support, DSI will continue to bring together individuals from industry, government and the academic community through networking opportunities, introductions and grants to facilitate successful defence research outcomes.

About Defence Science Institute: The Defence Science Institute (DSI) is a research facilitation and funding organisation, established in 2010 within the University of Melbourne. It is funded jointly by the State Government of Victoria, the Commonwealth Government’s Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group and our university members.


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