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US Office of Naval Research – Global (ONRG) – Request for Information

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US Office of Naval Research – Global (ONRG) – Request for Information


As part of the ONRG Pacific SCOUT experimentation campaign, ONRG is interested learning about technologies that will assist the US Navy Pacific Fleet in the performance of its mission which is conducted across a very large geographical area in order to keep sea lanes open, deter aggression, provide regional stability, and support humanitarian relief activities.

ONRG is interested in learning about technologies  at TRL6 or greater that support the topic areas listed below (delivery in 1 – 3 years). ONRG intends to provide standout systems with an invitation to participate in the Pacific SCOUT experimentation series in FY23-24.

Topic Areas

  • Long-Range Fires – Defeat adversary amphibious force in a contested environment by fielding cost-effective lethal asymmetric capabilities.
    • Asymmetric warfare capabilities that lower risk to own force
    • seabed warfare
    • tactical level C3, including manned and unmanned systems
  • Naval Operational Architecture – Develop agile, resilient, and secure Joint and Coalition fires network/architecture.
    • Targeting, Engagement, & Assessment capabilities to close the Find, Fix, Track, Targets, Engage, & Assess (F2T2 EA) cycle
    • Sub-surface communications
    • Target to weapon & weapon to weapon pairing
  • Contested Logistics – Deliver maritime intra-theater logistics (fuel, munitions, food, & repair parts) to sustain combat operations across the Joint force in a highly contested environment.
    • Logistical distribution optimization decision aids
    • Ship-to-ship capabilities
    • Ship-to-shore capabilities
    • Conversion of containers to break bulk assets while afloat
    • Secure communications on commercial maritime vessels
  • Counter-C5ISRT – Develop tactical-level capabilities to reduce risk to current manned forces
    • Technologies that prevent US maritime forces, including combat logistic forces, from being targeted
    • Technologies that reduce effectiveness of adversary high-end weapons inventories

Submissions in response to this RFI must be submitted by 29 August, 2023.

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