Call for Capability Statements

Supporting Safe Operation in Contaminated Environments

Do you work in the areas of detection, diagnostics, contamination containment, threat protection modelling, AI, autonomy or wearable assistive devices? Your expertise could help Defence counter a new wave of emerging challenges.

The synthesis of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents is growing rapidly and the threat of these agents is increasing. Countering this threat will require a multidisciplinary approach relying on the intersection of a range of capabilities across the physical, life, data and engineering sciences.

To support this challenge, the Defence Science Institute is calling for capability statements from Victorian and Tasmanian universities, SMEs and Research Institutes covering the following disciplines:

Physical: Novel sensor technologies for low-concentration agent detection and with low false alarm rates, remote and autonomous agent broad-area detection from large stand-off distances.

Life: Agent characterisation methods, diagnostic tools, agent neutralisation, containment and decontamination approaches, novel technologies to enhance human physical, physiological and cognitive resilience.

Data: Sensor-data fusion and data analytics, autonomy, threat prediction modelling, artificial intelligence, decision support, source localisation methods.

Engineering: Implantable and wearable diagnostic devices, re-configurable & multi-functional low-cost miniaturised assemblies and housings, remotely deployable platforms.

The capability statements will be used to inform the Defence Science and Technology (DST) group about core capability resting in Victoria and Tasmania which can be leveraged to support the “More, Together: Defence Science and Technology Strategy 2030” and in particular the strategic priority STaR Shot focused on “Operating in CBRN Environments”(OCE). Preliminary details about this challenge can be accessed here.

Following receipt and analysis of the capability statements, the DSI (in conjunction with the OCE STaR Shot Lead) will run a virtual forum where Victorian and Tasmanian academics and businesses can learn more about the Defence’s requirements in this area. There will also be the opportunity for selected participants to pitch their capability to a panel of Defence S&T experts in this area. 

Complete your online capability statement here.

The closing date for submissions is Sunday 2nd August 2020, Midnight (AEST)

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