For Industry

Financial Assistance and Support

DSI offers a number of grants to support collaborations between industry and academia. These are a great way to reduce the risks involved with testing out new relationships. Our grants include:

Collaborative Research Grants

Up to $50,000 is awarded to successful applications to help fund new research collaborations between industry and universities. The grant is designed to help companies take a step into research by removing some of the financial and administrative obstacles businesses can face.

Industry Internships Grants

Financial support is available to help you meet the costs of Defence-relevant industry internships for undergraduate and RHD students via a collaboration with the Ai Group and the APR.Intern program respectively, promoting collaborative partnerships between universities and industry. We can also help you identify issues that might benefit from a research intern.

SME Smart Ideas Program

DSI’s SME Smart Ideas Program is a commercialisation support program targeted at Victorian SMEs and individuals in the defence field. Designed to transition new ideas towards commercial outcomes, it drives the proof-of-concept stage required to catalyse business planning and development.

With funding valued at up to $50,000, the SME Smart Ideas Program provides financial stimulus to small to medium enterprises (SMEs) with the capability to deliver innovative defence solutions.

Networking Opportunities

We run a number of events that bring together people of diverse backgrounds with mutual objectives. Take advantage of opportunities to expand your network across industry, academia and Defence.

Our flagship networking event is an Innovation PitchFest, which runs at the major Defence and national Security expos.


With our deep network of relationships across eight top universities in Victoria and one in Tasmania, we can help identify and refer you to the ideal partner or partners for your needs.

We also have country-wide links through the state-based Defence and research innovation networks and can help facilitate connections across Australia to help you find the right solution to your challenge.