Growing communities to support Defence innovation

Our Mission

To harness the skills and resources in Victoria and Tasmania to facilitate the creation of new defence and national security capabilities.

Building the STEM Pipeline

Through undergraduate and postgraduate internships, postgraduate scholarship top-ups, prototype development and more, we support science and technology R&D at various stages, ensuring a robust STEM pipeline.

Acting as an Informed Entry Point

With strong connections to universities, industry and government, DSI provides a broad overview of defence-relevant capabilities, facilities and priorities across Victoria and Tasmania.

Supporting Collaborations 

DSI’s grants and supporting activities facilitate collaborative research and commercial projects. We help open the unmarked door to new partnerships and opportunities.

Bringing People and Solutions Together

We match people from different sectors looking for specific capability, commercial solutions or funding opportunities and bring together technically and culturally compatible partners.

Current Opportunities

Keep up-to-date with the latest opportunities within The Defence Sector

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