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US Army DEVCOM – Ground Vehicle System Center BAA – W56HZ-24-A-003

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US Army DEVCOM – Ground Vehicle System Center BAA – W56HZ-24-A-003


DEVCOM’s Ground Vehicles System Center is seeking research proposals in support of its programs:

  • Ground Vehicle Materials Engineering – technologies that can improve the durability, manufacturability or transportability of    Army ground vehicles while maintaining survivability and lethality eg structural metallic materials; structural composite materials; welding; adhesives; fasteners; advanced manufacturing; high strain rate characterization; high throughput characterization; materials for thermal management; feedstock development for advanced manufacturing; machine learning for manufacturing;
  • Ground Vehicle Power and Mobility – technologies needed to power and move the Army’s ground systems  eg track and suspension (impact on vibrations, track throw, road wheel force transducer, external strut conversion, active track tensioner); fuel cell and hydrogen research (eg fuel cell technology, hydrogen technology); powertrain electrification (eg nextgen advanced power dense wide band gap switching devices, nextgen advanced inverters, nextgen power dense electric spocket drives and generators, rare-earth magnet free electric sprocket drives and generators); energy storage (eg advanced energy storage); powertrain (eg tracked vehicle series hybrid propulsion, electric turbochargers for improved engine efficiency, electrified tracked transmission propulsion); real time control systems (eg common transmission software);
  • Ground Vehicle Electrical Power Systems – advancing electrical power systems up to 1.5MW of power eg power system architecture up to 1.5MW; advanced power electronic design; AI/ML in power management systems; wireless power transfer; power system physical interfaces;
  • Ground Vehicle Survivability and Protection – ground vehicle ballistic protection, blast mitigating tech and hit and kill avoidance initiatives eg projectile deceleration by pulsing a magnetic field; survivability basic and applied research; improved transparent armour, materials, manufacturing and integration;
  • Bridging Lifecycle Engineering – identifying and maturing technologies to support life cycle management, condition-based maintenance etc eg bridge health monitoring systems;

This Broad Agency Announcement is accepting white papers and proposals on a continuing basis until 2 January 2027.

Security restrictions and export control laws and regulations may apply to certain areas of research under this BAA.


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Broad Agency Announcement – Army DEVCOM Ground Vehicle System Center: FY24+BAA+02.01.2024


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