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DARPA – GOLDen hour extended EVACuation (GOLDEVAC) – HR001124S0024

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DARPA – GOLDen hour extended EVACuation (GOLDEVAC) – HR001124S0024


DARPA’s Biological Technologies Office is seeking innovative proposals in intravascular gas-exchange and trauma resuscitation through a single intravascular cannula.

Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances which would develop the necessary device(s) to enable management of a polytrauma patient through a single intravascular access without the thrombotic complications associated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation.  To demonstrate the efficacy of the GOLDEVAC cannula for automated resuscitation, performers will need to integrate appropriate sensors, actuator hardware, and control algorithms into a functional breadboard system.

GOLDEVAC will be a two phase program:

  • Phase 1 (Base) – 18 months – design of a cannula and gas exchange strategy that can support effective hemodynamic resuscitation with compromised lung function. The primary goal of the cannula is to achieve this support via a single point of vascular access.
  • Phase 2 (Option) – 12 months – integration of the oxygenation and hemorrhage support into a single cannula, if not done during Phase I.  Demonstration of the combined cannula’s ability to provide effective resuscitation and casualty support in a polytrauma scenario.

Large animal models will be used for assessing the cannula capabilities in both phases.  No human subject testing is desired for either phase.

Abstracts (encouraged but not required) are due 24 April 2024, with full proposals due 4 June 2024.


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Broad Agency Announcement – GOLDEVAC: HR001124S0024

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